Learning to Draw, Drawing to Learn

for Grades 1 - 4

Every LTD class starts with a conversation about the subject we will be drawing that day.  We look at the colors, the lines and shapes of our subject and the composition, paying special attention to how the subject interacts with the background.  Next we work on a warm-up exercise, where we take a few minutes to practice the lines and shapes we'll use in our drawing. 

Emma Dragon edited.jpg
ethan sunflowers.jpg

Each artist starts with a blank paper that has one or two "guidelines", very faint lines or dots.  Those are our starting places, and help newest artists to get their subjects placed on the paper.  (As artists progress, they get fewer guidelines, and eventually none!)  From there, each child uses crayons to create the lines and shapes that compose our subject.  And even thought we are all drawing the "same" thing, each drawing is unique and special.

Watercolor is added to the larger areas, using scratching, salt and tissue for texture as needed.  Artists complete their work by selecting a coordinating paper frame, and the masterpiece is ready to take home!  

Learning to Draw, Drawing to Learn is available as an in-school program during the regular school day, or as an after school program.  Educators interested in learning more about this program can download these: 

Learning To Draw, Drawing to Learn Summary  (pdf)