Thanks for registering your child for our Summer Arts Program.

Please take a moment and send us the information below so we can contact you and keep you up to date on your student's classes. 

Very rarely we find that our program might not be a good match for your child.

DISCIPLINE PROCEDURE: We use a 3 step discipline process when handling behavior issues.

  • Step 1: The student is given a firm, clear warning that the behavior is unacceptable.
  • Step 2: If the behavior continues, we send an email to parents to notify them of the behavior and lack of cooperation. We follow this up with a phone call.
  • Step 3:  If we still have behavior issues, we will release the student from the program.

TARDINESS POLICY:  Any parent who is more than 10 minutes late picking up their child 2 times will be charged $10 child care fee for every tardy pickup thereafter.  

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